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第一天: 马来西亚 / 昆明   鑫盛达宏晟国际酒店5星或同级        Day 1: Malaysia / Kunming  Xin Sheng Da Hong Sheng International Hotel 5* or similar


Arrived in Kunming, pick-up and transfer to hotel. (Free airport transfer :09:00am – 01:00am) 


第二天: 昆明 / 大理/丽江(三餐)   金恒国际大酒店 5星或同级            Day 2: Kunming / Dali/ Lijiang(B / L / D)  Kinghan International Hotel 5* or similar


After breakfast, visit the <Lufeng World Dinosaur Valley Park> (exclude buggy service).There are over four hundred dinosaur fossils buried here, is now the world's largest concentration of dinosaur fossils. Next, proceed to Lijiang, visit to< Lijiang Ancient Town - Sifang Street>The old town is famous for its orderly system of waterways and bridges. This town was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage in 1997.


第三天:丽江/ 香格里拉 (三餐) 凤山林卡酒店 特色4星或同级   Day 3: Lijiang /  Shangri-La (B / L / D) Hotel: Fengshan linka Hotel 4* or similar 


After breakfast, proceed to Shangri-la, on the way, visit to the world famous <Tiger Leaping Gorge>. This gorge is a contender for the world's deepest river canyon. Legend says that in order to escape from a hunter, a tiger jumped across the river at the narrowest point, hence the name. Next, view <First Bend of the Yangtze River>, the river makers a 90 degree turn from south to east within a distance of 1 kilometer. visit <Guishan Park> & the biggest <Spinning Prayer Wheel>.


第四天: 香格里拉 / 丽江  (三餐) 金恒国际大酒店 5星或同级    Day 4: Shangri-La / Lijiang  (B / L / D) Kinghan International Hotel 5* or similar


After breakfast, visit <Songzanlin Monastery> (Include buggy car). Next, visit <King of Mu Resident>. Next, proceed to Lijiang. Visit Spirulina Shop.


第五天: 丽江 / 大理 (三餐)N度大酒店5星或同级    Day 5: Lijiang / Dali (B / L / D)  N Hotel 5* or similar


After breakfast, will Yulong Snow Mountain from far and proceed to Dali. On the way, ride small boat watch osprey catch fish. Next, visit to the <House of Bai Minority>. Local people will served one of the special traditional tea - Three Courses Tea. The<Three Course Tea> is described as "first bitter, second sweet and third after tasty". Next, visit Silver Jewelry Factory and Continue to <Dali Ancient City>. The ancient city of Dali is famous for its cultural and historical points of interest, natural beauty, and colorful ethnic minorities. The streets and alleys crisscross throughout the town in a typical “chess board” pattern.


第六天:  大理 / 昆明 (三餐)鑫盛达宏晟国际酒店5星或同级  Day 6: Dali / Kunming (B / L / D) Xin Sheng Da Hong Sheng International Hotel 5* or similar


After breakfast, transfer back to Kunming and taste the Yunnan most famous Chinese tea, Pu’Er. Next, proceed to the symbol of Kunming, <JinMaBiJi> (Golden Horse and Jade Rooster Memorial Arches). JinMaBiJi was built in Ming Dynasty; one special feature of the JinMaBiJi is that their shadows can overlap at a certain time under the golden afterglow of the sun and the silver light of the moon. This rare phenomenon forms a wondrous scene.


第七天:  昆明 (三餐)鑫盛达宏晟国际酒店5星或同级   Day 7: Kunming (B / L / D) Xin Sheng Da Hong Sheng International Hotel 5* or similar


After breakfast, visit to <Golden Palace>the heaviest and best preserved of China largest bronze temples. The Golden Temple was first built in the 30th year of Emperor Wanli's rule (1602) in the Ming Dynasty. Next, will visit Jade Factory and Silk Factory.


第八天:  昆明 / 马来西亚 (早,午餐)  Day 8: Kunming / Malaysia (B/L)

早餐后赠送养生足浴。最后由导游安排送机(免费09:00 - 23:00送机,请于报名时提供航班信息;其他时间需附加費用或客人自行前往机场。)

After breakfast, visit Yangsheng Medical Hall. Transfer to airport for your flight back home. ( Free airport transfer service : 0900am-2300pm )


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