5D 4N Beijing 北京 4 To Go

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5D 4N Beijing 北京 4 To Go
5D 4N Beijing 北京 4 To Go
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第一天: 马来西亚 / 北京  Days 01: Malaysia / Beijing
乘搭航班前往中国首都-北京。抵达后,由当地导游接机,接机标志’MANGGA TRAVEL’ ,送往酒店休息。 
Take flight to Beijing. Upon arrival, tour guide will welcome you with the “MANGGA TRAVEL” signage. Then, transfer to hotel for a good rest.  

第二天: 北京 (早/午)    Days 02 : Beijing (B / L )
早餐后,前往游览世界上最大的广场-【天安门广场】。而后,外观【国家大剧院】。继续前往参观【故宫】 又名紫禁城,
世界上规模最大的宫殿建筑。接着前往【王府井大街】 ,可以自由购物和品尝当地美食。晚上,观赏【少林功夫秀】 。 
After breakfast, visit [Tiananmen Square], the largest square in the world. Then, sightseeing [National Theater]. Later, proceed to [Forbidden
City], the oldest preserved and most complete palace in the world. Later proceed to visit  [ Wang Fu Jing Street], enjoy your dinner. At night ,
enjoy [ Shao Lin Kungfu Show ]. 

第三天: 北京 (三餐)  Days 03 : Beijing (B / L / D)
Visit [Great Wall] after breakfast, the greatest wonders of the world’s architectural history. Then, enjoy [Zhong Hua Yang Sheng]. Later
sightseeing [Bird’s Nest Stadium] and [Water Cube Aquatics Centre]. At night, car tour to enjoy [ChangAn Street Night Scenery].  

第四天:北京 (三餐)                                      Day 04 : Beijing (B / L / D)
早餐后,前往参观【天坛】 。尔后,乘坐三轮车游【胡同】.
After breakfast,visit to [Temple Heaven]. Later,heading toTrishaw ride at [Hutong]. 

第五天: 北京 / 马来西亚 (三餐)  Day 05 : Beijing / Malaysia (B / L / D )
早餐后,前往【仿古商业街】 , 【古城门箭楼】 。尔后漫步在【什刹海酒吧街】和【秀水街】 。接着送往机场,带着
After breakfast, proceed to visit  [Fang Gu Bisness Street], [Gu Cheng Men Jian Lou]. take a walk in [Shishahai Bar Street] and
[ Xiu Shui Street]. Transfer to airport for a pleasant flight back to Malaysia.  

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