6D JIANGNAN + XI TANG OLD VILLAGE 江南+西塘古镇水乡 ( 2 to go )

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6D JIANGNAN + XI TANG OLD VILLAGE 江南+西塘古镇水乡 ( 2 to go )
6D JIANGNAN + XI TANG OLD VILLAGE  江南+西塘古镇水乡 ( 2 to go )
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第一天: 吉隆坡 – 上海 – 苏州 (晚) DAY 1 : KUALA LUMPUR – SHANGHAI – SUZHOU (D)
乘搭航班前往上海。抵达后,出发前往苏州。抵达后,前往游览金鸡湖风景区。接着游览圆融时代广场。然后前往参观苏州博物馆 + 忠王府。
Take flight to Shanghai. Upon arrival, proceed to Suzhou. We will visit Jinji Lake Scenic, Harmony Times Square, Suzhou Museum and Zhong Wang Mansion.

第二天:苏州 – 无锡 (早/午) DAY 2 : SUZHOU – WUXI (B/L)
早餐后,参观苏州耦园(含船游)。前往参观丝绸工厂。前往无锡,游览三国城 + 古战船游太湖 + 三英战吕布秀。 接着前往参观紫 砂艺苑。
After breakfast, visit Suzhou Lotus Park by boats and enjoy the view of Jiangnan. Later visit Jiangnan Silk Factory. After lunch, heading to Wuxi to visit Wuxi Movie Land of The Three Kingdom, a film shooting location of the drama “The Three Kingdom” and take ancient ship to cruise along Tai Hu. Later visit Teapot factory.

第三天:无锡 – 杭州 (三餐) DAY 3 : WUXI – HANGZHOU (B/L/D)
早餐后,前往参观蠡湖公园。前往参观太湖珍珠馆。前往杭州,乘船游西湖,花港观鱼,远眺雷峰塔,漫步经过梁山伯与十八里相 送的长桥公园。
After breakfast, visit Li Hu Park and visit to Tai Hu Pearl Farm. Heading to Hangzhou West Lake, sightseeing the outlook of Lei Feng Tower and Hua Gang Guan Yu, the most beautiful scenery in Hangzhou.

第四天: 杭州 – 西塘古镇 (早/午) DAY 4 : HANGZHOU – XITANG OLD VILLAGE (B/L)
早餐后,前往参观梅坞问茶。前往西塘古镇,入住精品西塘酒店,晚餐自理可尽情品尝小吃,夜晚可自由逛西塘酒吧街,让您体验 江南的丽江古城。
After breakfast, proceed to visit Mei Wu Tea. Heading to Xitang Old Village, stay in Xitang Boutique Hotel, dinner by own can enjoy snacks, night free to visit Xitang Bar Street.

第五天:西塘古镇 – 上海 (早/午) DAY 5 : XITANG OLD VILLAGE – SHANGHAI (B/L)
早餐后,前往上海,游览天脉玉器。之后前往城隍庙商业区。晚上夜游外滩,上海市中心的一个区域,由一段沿黄浦江的马路和沿 路的建筑和设施构成,为上海重要的地标之一。
After breakfast, proceed to Shanghai, visit Jade Exhibition Center. Later visit to the Cheng Huang Temple. At night, visit The Bund.

第六天: 上海 – 吉隆坡 (早/午) DAY 6 : SHANGHAI – KUALA LUMPUR (B/L)
After breakfast, visit Nanjing Road shopping. Later visit Tong Ren Yang Sheng. After lunch, transfer to asirport for a pleasant flight back to Malaysia.


夜游南长古镇 + 无锡古运河游船,夜游西湖名品街+西湖新天地,苏州观前街,上海东方梦幻飞车杂技秀
Night tour on Nan Chang Old village + Wuxi Guyun River wit boat, night tour on Xihu Street+ Xihu XIntiandi, Suzhou Guanqian Street, Shaghai ERA Show

旅游配套 Tour Package: FROM RM1399**

指定旅游景点 Compulsory Tour: RMB 400 (人币)

**All of the price will auto adjust based on the current currency**


请拨打03-8942 2000以询问出发日期与团费 

Please call to 03-8942 2000 for tour departure date & tour fare. 

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