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第一天: 马来西亚 / 桂林   (午 / 晚餐)     Days 01: Malaysia / Guilin (L / D)

乘搭航班前往素有山水甲天下的桂林。抵达后,由当地导游接机,接机标志 ”MANGGA TRAVEL’’。午餐后,驱车返回桂林。抵达后,前往游览【鲁家民俗文化村】依山傍水、绿树掩映,四周田畴纵横,风光绮丽,桂林“新八景”之一的“阳江秋月”及指此地,电视连续集《西游记》片头风光亦取景于此。  

Take flight to Guilin where a place famous with mountain lake scenic. After lunch, sightseeing [Lu Cultural Village] .


第二天: 桂林 / 阳朔 (三餐)    Days 02: Guilin / Yangshuo (B / L / D)


In the morning, heading to [Banyan & Fir Lake Scenery Area] where located at the center of Guilin, sightseeing [Zig Zag Bridge], [Gu Nan Men], [Big Banyan Tree] and [Sun & Moon Tower]. After lunch, take coach to Yangshuo. Upon arrival, heading to [Li River], one of the beautiful river in China. Sightseeing the wonderful view of Li River by boat. 


第三天: 阳朔 / 桂林(三餐)  Days 03:Yangshuo / Guilin (B / L / D)


In morning,sightseeing to [ Silver Cave ].Then, take bamboo raft to see [Osprey Catch Fish] in [Yu Long River] and able to see [Moon Mountain], sightseeing [Shi li Hua Lang] and free at leisure in [Lian Da Square].


第四天:桂林(三餐)  Days 04: Guilin (B/L/D)

早餐后,自由购物于大型商业广场- 【南城百货】 。之后, 游览【虞山公园】,一座历史悠久,优美风景的公园。而后,游览【木龙湖东盟园】是木龙湖公园2012年全新打造的以“东盟”10国美食、风情、文化为背景的主题景区。

After breakfast, free and easy in  the largest commercial square-[Nan Cheng Square]. Later, sightseeing the historic park in Guilin – [Yu Shan Park]. This park concentrated the beautiful scenery, historical and culture of Guilin. Next, sightseeing [Mulong Lake-Asean Theme Zone], the park is at present developing a brand new project – the ASEAN (short for Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Theme Zone in 2012. Collecting various ASEAN food and cultural as the theme of  scenic area.


第五天:桂林 / 马来西亚 (早餐)   Days 05:Guilin / Malaysia (B)


After breakfast, transfer to airport for a pleasant flight back to Malaysia.


指定项目(Compulsory Tour) RMB 350:


Shan Shui Jian + Night Scenery Coach Tour +Impression Liu Garden +FREE Guilin night view +Walker Street 


风味餐:米粉宴 / 风情宴 / 农家宴 / 啤酒鱼宴 / 芋头宴

Cuisines: Meehon Meals /  Local Meals /  Farm Meals /  Beer Fish Meals / Yam Meals

购物站:丝绸 / 茶叶 / 养生馆 / 竹炭/珍珠馆/宝树堂

Shopping Stop: Silk / Tea / Health Shop / Charcoal / Pearl Gallery/Baoshutang


If choose to join no shopping tour,top up RM700/pax. 可選擇參加無购物团,另补马币RM700每人.


诚意推荐自费项目(Optional Tour) :

1)象山传奇-将桂林山水之魂――象鼻山变成一个集画之妙、人之美、光之焕、影之奇于一体的实景魔幻剧场。RMB 220

    Xiangshan legend

2)【印象刘三姐 】演出 (视天气情况而定)      Impression Liu Performance   (Depends on weather condition) RMB 250


包吃 包住 包玩 包机票


旅游配套 Tour Package: FROM RM1599**

**All of the price will auto adjust based on the current currency**

请拨打03-8942 2000以询问出发日期与团费 

Please call to 03-8942 2000 for tour departure date & tour fare. 


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