8D Wuhan Zhangjiajie 武汉张家界 (group)

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8D Wuhan Zhangjiajie 武汉张家界 (group)
8D Wuhan Zhangjiajie 武汉张家界 (group)
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第一天:马来西亚 / 武汉 Days 01: Malaysia / Wuhan

Tour guide will greeting you in Wuhan’s airport. Then, transfer to hotel for check in.

第二天:武汉 - 荆州 - 常德(三餐) Days 02: Wuhan/JingZhou/Changde (B / L / D)

After breakfast BUS to Jingzhou, visit the ancient city of Jingzhou BUS to Changde, visit Changde beautiful city lakes - Willow Lake (excluding cruise ships) the world's longest poem Beilin - Changde poetry wall, after dinner back to the hotel to rest.

第三天:常德 - 凤凰(三餐) Days 03: Changde/Fenghuang (B / L / D)

After breakfast BUS to Phoenix, visit the ancient city of Phoenix, Shawan area, million tower, stone street, Diaojia Lou group, bar street, after dinner night tour of the ancient city (excluding the ancient city tickets).

第四天:凤凰 - 张家界(三餐) Da y s 0 4: Feng huang / Zhang jia jie (B / L / D)
早餐后BUS前往张家界,途中欣赏湘西公路奇观--矮寨大桥,游览天门山景区,乘坐世界上最长的观光缆车-天门山缆车,游览凌霄台,天界佛国,鬼谷栈道,玻璃栈道(鞋套自理)天门洞含单程扶梯等(冬季结冰天门洞将无法游览)。 特别升级一晚五星酒店-大成山水国际酒店。

After breakfast BUS to Zhangjiajie, on the way to enjoy the wonders of Xiangxi Road - Dazhai Bridge, visit the Tianmenshan scenic area, take the world's longest sightseeing cable car - Tianmenshan cable car, tour Lingting Taiwan, heaven Buddha, ghost valley path, glass plank road (Shoe cover themselves) Tiantong hole with one-way escalator (winter ice days will not be able to visit). Special upgrade one night five star hotel - Dacheng Shanshui International Hotel.

第五天:张家界(三餐) Days 05: Zhangjiajie (B / L / D)

After breakfast, take the Bailong Ladder up and down (VIP channel) Tianzishan, He Long Park, visit Yuanjiajie, Ecstasy Taiwan, Avatar location shooting - Hallelujah Mountain, the world's first bridge, down the mountain tour ten miles Gallery Small train) to enjoy the old man, three sisters peak, after dinner back to the hotel to rest.

第六天:张家界(三餐) Days 06: Zhangjiajie (B / L / D)

After breakfast, visit the Hunan Art Hall - military sound painting, Jinbianxi scenic area, water around the four doors, Zhangjiajie new attractions - Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon (including cloud Tiantu glass bridge round trip) after dinner back to the hotel to rest.

第七天:张家界 - 岳阳(三餐) Days 07:Zhangjiajie/Yueyang (B / L / D)

After breakfast BUS to Yueyang, visit the Baling Square, view Dongting Lake, Bian River Street, after dinner back to the hotel to rest.

第八天:岳阳-武汉/吉隆坡(三餐) Days 08: Yueyang/Wuhan/ Malaysia (B / L / D)

After breakfast BUS to Wuhan, Wuhan Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street, after dinner, take the international flight back to warm home!

建议自费 Optioanal Tour:
Tianmen Huxian Show RMB 400/pax

购物站:珠宝+茶叶+丝绸+乳胶+ 中药+摄影
Shopping Stop: Jewelry + Silk + Tea+ Latex+ Photograph

指定项目 : 魅力湘西 + 张家界民主街-溪布街 + 皮影戏 RMB 550
Compulsory Tour : Mei li xiang xi + Zhang jia jie Cultural Street - Xibu Street + Pi ying xi

旅游配套 Tour Package: FROM RM1999**

指定旅游景点 Compulsory Tour: RMB 550 (人币)                                                                                                          


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请拨打03-8942 2000以询问出发日期与团费 

Please call to 03-8942 2000 for tour departure date & tour fare. 


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