7D 6N Guangzhou + FoShan + KaiPing + ZhongShan + ShunDe + ZhuHai + PuYu + DongYuan 广州+佛山+开平+珠海+中山+顺德+番禺+东莞 (4 To Go)

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7D 6N Guangzhou + FoShan + KaiPing + ZhongShan + ShunDe + ZhuHai + PuYu + DongYuan 广州+佛山+开平+珠海+中山+顺德+番禺+东莞 (4 To Go)
7D 6N Guangzhou + FoShan + KaiPing + ZhongShan + ShunDe + ZhuHai + PuYu + DongYuan 广州+佛山+开平+珠海+中山+顺德+番禺+东莞 (4 To Go)
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第一天:马来西亚 / 广州  Day 01: Malaysia / Guangzhou 

乘搭班机前往广州机场,抵达后由导游接机,并送往酒店休息。 (免费接机时间从早上八点至晚上八点。)

Upon arrival, tour guide will welcome you in the airport . Then, proceed to hotel for a good rest. (Free Pick-Up time: 8:00a.m to 8:00p.m.)

第二天:广州 / 佛山 / 开平 / 珠海 (三餐)  Day 02: Guangzhou / Foshan / Kaiping / Zhuhai (B / L / D)

早餐后, 游览500年不息的华夏名窑【南风古灶】。尔后参观【美术陶瓷厂】及【石湾陶瓷一条街】。前往开平,参观古色古香的【赤坎鼓楼】及【欧陆风情街】,前往世界文化遗产【开平碉楼旅游文化区】。参观【茶叶店】后,晚上欣赏【圆明新园—大清王朝及淇澳风云】大型的精彩演出。

After breakfast, visit the most ancient dragon kiln in China [NanFeng Kiln], look around at [Art Ceramic Factory] and [Shi Wan Ceramics Street]. Heading to [Chikan], an inhabited village with mansions build in the mixed western and eastern style, visit the World  Heritage  [The Kaiping Diaolou and Villages].After visit [Tea Shop]. Enjoy a magnificent show [New Yuanming Palace – The Qing dynasty and Qi’ao War]

第三天:珠海 (三餐)  Day 03: Zhuhai (B / L / D)


After breakfast, coach along the charming [Lover’s road], sightseeing the legendary [Fisher Girl Statue]. Stroll in the [Shijing Mountain Park] (Exclude cable car ride fees). Then, heading to [JiuZhou City]. Visit [Silk Factory] and [Pearl Factory]. Shopping in the [Gongbei Underground Shopping mall], enjoy the delicious Macanese Snack – Portuguese egg tart!

第四天:珠海 / 中山 / 广州 (三餐)  Day 04: Zhuhai - Zhongshan / Guangzhou (B / L / D)


In the morning, proceed to Zhongshan, visit the [The Former Residence of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen]. Then, heading to  [YueXiu Park], sightseeing the landmark of Guangzhou [Five Rams Statue]. After lunch, visit [Haixinsha Park] (Exclude stadium entrance ticket), where The 16th Asian Games Ceremony was held and the significant architectural landmark, the [Canton Tower]. After shopping in [BaoShuTang] and [Jade Factory], sightseeing the [Guangdong Provincial Museum], [Guangzhou Opera House] and [Flower City Square]. In the night, take a cruise in [Pearl River] to see the marvelous night scene of Guangzhou. Strolling in [Beijing Road Pedestrian Street] and enjoy a delicious Guangdong dessert.

第五天:广州 / 顺德 / 番禺 / 广州 (三餐)  Day 05: Guangzhou / Shunde / Panyu / Guangzhou (B / L / D)


In the morning, heading to [Shun Feng Shan Park] which famous with three huge Chinese Arch named [Shunde Arch]. After enjoy the dessert Shunde Double-layer Milk Custard, visit [Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center] and [Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center], sightseeing the [Guangdong Science Centre]. In the evening, coach across [Asian Games City],  heading to [Memorial Hall of Whampoa Military Academy].

第六天:广州 / 东莞 / 番禹 / 广州 (三餐)   Day 06: Guangzhou / Dongguan / Panyu / Guangzhou(B / L / D)

早餐后,参观 【虎门鸦片战争博物馆】及鸦片战争古战场遗址之一,也是中国保留得最完整的古炮台—【威远炮台】。于炮台上远眺中国第一座大型悬索桥【虎门大桥】 。尔后,前往建于清代,举人邬彬的私家花园,广东四大名园之一的园林瑰宝—【余荫山房】。于【竹碳土产店】与【蜂仙子蜜蜂园】购物。午后,漫步于【岭南印象园】,欣赏那富有特色的街巷、宗祠、民居和店铺等,充分展现了岭南传统文化的精华。

After breakfast, visit [The Opium War museum] and one of the ancient battlefield of the Opium Wars the [Weiyuan Fortress]. Looked afar to the beautiful [Humen Pearl River Bridge], a suspension bridge over the Pearl River. Then, visit the [Yuyin Garden] which built in 1871 is one of the Guangdong Four Famous Garden. Shopping in the [Charcoal Shops] and the [Bee Park]. In the evening, wander in [Lingnan Impression Garden], a place filled with traditional alleys, Lingnan architecture, ancestral halls, and folk residences.

第七天: 广州 / 马来西亚 (早餐)  Day 07: Guangzhou / Malaysia (B)


After breakfast, free and leisure until transfer to airport for your flight back to Malaysia.

您买了便宜飞机票了吗?Have your flight reservation done?
头痛自己策划旅行??Feeling panic for planning?
美佳超值的地接配套为您省缺烦恼!!Mangga Super Value Ground Package can save you from trouble!
酒店,餐,导游,司机,行程全为您搞定!!Included Hotel,meals ,tour guide ,driver & entrance ticket!

温馨提醒购买的客人定机票之前请详细阅读条款,请致电美佳旅游 03-8942 2000 
Please read all the terms & conditions carefully before booking any air ticket. Please contact to Mangga Travel @ 03-8942 2000 

团费/T.F : RM 1399 / CWB 1980
保证自费/C.T : X
小费/TIP : RM 260
出发日期/DAY : SAT,SUN
VISA : RM 155
INS : RM 52

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