6D 5N GuiZhou + HuangGuoShu + GuiLin YangShuo 贵州+黄果树+桂林阳朔 (6 To Go)

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6D 5N GuiZhou + HuangGuoShu + GuiLin YangShuo 贵州+黄果树+桂林阳朔 (6 To Go)
6D 5N GuiZhou + HuangGuoShu + GuiLin YangShuo 贵州+黄果树+桂林阳朔 (6 To Go)
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第一天: 马来西亚 / 桂林 (午 / 晚餐) Days 01: Malaysia / Guilin (L / D)
乘搭航班前往素有山水甲天下的桂林。抵达后,由当地导游接机,接机标志 ”MANGGA TRAVEL’’。午餐后,前往桂林市内乘船游览【漓江】,然后
Take flight to Guilin where a place famous with mountain lake scenic. After lunch, special arrangement for cruise tour along the [ Li Jiang River]. heading to
the city park where located at the center of Guilin [Banyan Lake Scenery Area], also known as ‘Rong Lake’, sightseeing the antique [Gu Nan Men], one of
the city gate in Guilin; [Zig Zag Bridge] which a bridge has various stories, the tree has thousand years of history- [Big Banyan Tree].

第二天:桂林 / 荔浦 / 阳朔 (三餐) Days 02: Guilin / Lipu / Yangshuo (B / L / D)
After breakfast, heading to the remarkable scenic spot [Lipu Silver Cave Tourist Scenery Area]. The cave is a multi-storied karst cave with three layers,
more than ten scenery spots and different types of stalactites which are crystal clear and sparkling like silver. Then heading to Yangshuo. Have a leisurely
walk in [West Street]. You will be surrounded by an array of traditional folk and amazing international elements.

第三天: 阳朔 / 桂林/贵阳(三餐) Days 03:Yangshuo / Guilin/Guiyang (B / L / D)
After breakfast, visit [Garden Expo](Include electron mobile)。After then, heading to [Cedar Lake Scenic Area], sightseeing the [Sun and Moon Towers],
also know as No.1 Copper Tower in the World and look particularly beautiful when lit up at night. take a Speed-Train to Guizhou (2Hours arrived), heading
to the Forest City---Guiyang.

第四天:贵阳/安顺(三餐) Days 04: Guiyang/Anshun (B/L/D)
After breakfast, heading to Anshun visit [Huang Guo shu Waterfalls Scenic Area], Huang Guo shu Waterfalls" is one of the largest waterfalls in China and

East Asia located on the Baishui River in Anshun, It is 77.8 m high and 101 m wide. Is famous vastly by the appearance of the water, is also one of world-
famous big waterfalls. The waterfall opposite constructs the view waterfall pavilion, the tourist may watch surging forward in the pavilion the river water to

gallop releases the rhinoceros deep pool straight.

第五天:安顺 / 贵阳/桂林(三餐) Days 05:Anshun / Guiyang/Guilin (B/L/D)
After breakfast, heading to Guiyang [Jiaxiu Tower] , Bridge like a white dragon lying on water, joining the two banks of the lake. The tower is a three-storied structure
with pyramid roofs and three eves, which is the only one of its kind in the ancient architectural history of China. In the afternoon, take a Speed-Train to Guilin.

第六天:桂林 / 马来西亚 (早餐) Days 06:Guilin / Malaysia (B)
早餐后,带着愉快的心情送往机场返回美丽家园—马来西亚。After breakfast, transfer to airport for a pleasant flight back to Malaysia.
指定项目 Compulsory Tour :
桂林:鱼鹰捕鱼 + 两江四湖夜景(车游)+ 【山水间】表演
Guilin: Osprey Catch Fish + Two Rivers and Four Lakes (Coach tour)+ Shan Shui Jian
Guizhou: Buyi shitouzhai +Yelang Cave+ Guiyang Night market+ TianXingqiao Cableway

风味餐:米粉宴 / 风情宴 / 农家宴 / 啤酒鱼宴 / 芋头宴/贵阳风味餐/安顺风味餐/酸汤鱼风味
Cuisines: Meehon Meals / Local Meals / Farm Meals / Beer Fish Meals / Yam Meals/Gui Yang Flavor/ An Shun Flavor / Fish in Sour Soup
购物站:桂林:丝绸 / 茶叶 / 养生馆 / 竹炭+珍珠馆; 贵阳:纯正中药材/土特产/兴伟珠宝店/省博物馆
Shopping Stop: Guilin:Silk / Tea / Health Shop / Charcoal + Pearl Gallery; Guiyang:Traditional Chinese medicinal materials/local specialty /Xin Ye Jewel/Museum
(参观时间请保持至少90分钟在店内)If choose to join no shopping tour, top up RM1000/pax. 可選擇參加無购物团,另补马币RM1000

您买了便宜飞机票了吗?Have your flight reservation done?
头痛自己策划旅行??Feeling panic for planning?
美佳超值的地接配套为您省缺烦恼!!Mangga Super Value Ground Package can save you from trouble!
酒店,餐,导游,司机,行程全为您搞定!!Included Hotel,meals ,tour guide ,driver & entrance ticket!

温馨提醒购买的客人定机票之前请详细阅读条款,请致电美佳旅游 03-8942 2000 
Please read all the terms & conditions carefully before booking any air ticket. Please contact to Mangga Travel @ 03-8942 2000 

团费/T.F : RM 999
保证自费/C.T : GUILIN:RMB 350 / GUIZHOU:RMB 350
小费/TIP : RM 230
VISA : RM 155
INS : RM 52

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