5D 4N Nanning + Guiin + Yangshuo (By Train) 南宁+桂林+阳朔 (动车之旅)

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5D 4N Nanning + Guiin + Yangshuo (By Train) 南宁+桂林+阳朔 (动车之旅)
5D 4N Nanning + Guiin + Yangshuo (By Train) 南宁+桂林+阳朔 (动车之旅)
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第一天:马来西亚 / 南宁 (晚餐)  Day 1: MALAYSIA / NANNING (D)


Take flight to Nanning, the capital of the Guangxi. Pleasant climate endows the city with evergreen trees and fragrant flowers all year round, hence the name ‘Green City.’ In such a beautiful land, more than 30 ethnic minority groups have been living harmoniously for 1,680 years. Upon arrival, transfer to hotel.

第二天:南宁 / 桂林 / 阳朔 (三餐)  Day 2: NANNING / GUILIN / YANGSHUO (B / L / D)


After breakfast, take a Speed-Train to Guilin. Upon arrival, take a cruise along [Li River]. Gorgeous Karst peaks give you surprises at each bend of the limpid river under the blue sky. Then, enjoy the beauty of the [Moon Hill] and the picturesque scenic sight [Ten mile Gallery]. Next, drifting along the Yu Long river, enjoy the [Osprey show]. Have a leisurely walk in [West Street]. You will be surrounded by an array of traditional folk and amazing international elements.

第三天:阳朔 / 桂林(三餐)  Day 3: YANGSHUO / GUILIN (B / L / D)


In the morning, heading to [Banyan and Cedar Lake Scenic Area], visit the antique [South Gate], a prominent and towering [Big Banyan Tree] which was planted thousand years ago and the marvelous [Marble Zig Zag Bridge]. Cedar Lake is famous for its Twin Pagodas, the [Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas]. The Sun tower is made of solid bronze, while the Moon tower is made of wood and glazed tiles. The sun bronze tower is the world's tallest bronze tower. Then, strolling in the [Too Lianda Square]. In the evening, enjoy the fascinating acrobat show [Shan Shui Jian]. Take a ride in the city, amazed by the beautiful [Night View of Guilin], strolling in the [Zheng Yang Pedestrian Street].

第四天:桂林 (三餐)  Day 4: GUILIN (B / L / D)


Strolling in the [Yushan Park] with wonderful hill, beautiful garden and divine temple. Then, proceed to [Mulong Lake Park – ASEAN Theme Zone], learn the history and culture of ASEAN countries, enjoy the performance in the park. Shopping in the largest shopping mal in Guilin, the [Nan Cheng Store]. In the evening, wander in [Liu San Jie Park], immerse yourself in a world inspired by the film Luisanjie.

第五天:桂林 / 南宁 / 马来西亚 (早晚餐)  Day 6: GUILIN / NANNING / MALAYSIA (B / D)

早餐后,乘车游览桂林地标【两江四湖】,于山水旖旎的【穿山公园】散散步,进入桂林第三大风景溶洞,亦称“世界罕见神奇的水晶宝洞”—【穿山岩】欣赏那精美的钟乳石及透明的水晶石后,带着愉快的心情乘搭动车返回南宁。前往机场返回美丽家园—— 马来西亚。

After breakfast, enjoy the beautiful scenery along the [Two-Rivers-Four-Lakes] by coach. Strolling in the [Pierced hill Park], enjoy the perfect nature. Visit the [Pierced hill Cave] in the park, which took shape 3.4 million years ago. Take the speed-train back to Nanning, then transfer to airport for a pleasant flight back to Malaysia.

购物站:丝绸 / 茶叶 / 养生馆 / 玉店 / 竹碳  Shopping Stop: Silk / Tea / Health Shop / Jade / Charcoal 

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