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第一天 马来西亚~厦门  DAYS 01 MALAYSIA~XIAMEN


Take flight to Xiamen. Upon arrival, transfer to hotel for a good rest. Dinner own arrangement.


第二天 厦门~永定(三餐)  DAYS 02 XIAMEN~YONGDING (B/L/D)

早餐后,乘渡轮到鼓浪屿,游览素有“海上花园、音乐之岛”  之称的【鼓浪屿】(岛上的景点-自费),参观具有浓烈的欧陆风格、异国 风情的【万国建筑博览汇】,沿万国建筑博览线参观“英、日领事馆”领略古今中外别具风格的各式建筑,林林总总可以说鼓浪屿是一部说不完道不尽的建筑百科书。随后,游览【淑莊花园】;参观【钢琴博物馆】;远眺【日光岩】;再前往【港仔后浴场】;后续往【龙头路商业街】逛逛及品尝【闽南功夫茶】。而后,驱车前往永定。这里分布着历史悠久、风格独特的客家民居建筑群,被称为‘永定客家土楼’。抵达后,参观【衍香楼】,最原始、古朴的土楼。

After breakfast, board on cruise to [Gulangyu Island] (Sightseeing program of the island-own arrangement) also known as ‘The Garden on The Sea, and the Musical Island’. Visit [World Building Expo], which with strong Europe and foreign construction styles. Like an encyclopedia of constructions. Next, sightseeing [Shu Zhuang Park]; visit [Piano’s Musuem]; able to see [Sunlight Rock], proceed to [KangZhai Bathing Center]; shopping in [Longtou Road Commercial Street] and tasted the [Min Nan’s Tea].  Later, take coach to YongDing where a place famous with the Hakka’s style building, named as ‘Yong Ding Hakka Tu Lou’. Upon arrival, visit the most old preserved ‘Tu Lou’-[Yan Xiang  Lou].


第三天 永定~潮州 ~汕头(三餐)  DAYS 03 YONGDING~CHAOZHOU~SHANTOU (B/L/D)

晨早,前往世界自然文化遗产-【高北土楼群】(自费),包括【承启楼、五云楼、侨福楼】。继续前往古城潮州 。抵达后,参观【广济门城楼】,拥有‘小紫禁城’之称。下一站,拜谒岭南四大名刹之一有1200多年历史的【开元寺】,是一组较完整的唐代建筑群。然后,乘‘人力车’游【甲第巷及牌坊街】。乘车前往汕头。抵达后,送饭酒店休息。

In the morning, heading to the World’s Natural Heritage-[Gaobei Tulou Cluster] (Own arrangement), including [Qichenglou, Wuyunlou, Qiaofulou]. Proceed to the ancient city-Chaozhou. Upon arrival, visit [Guang Ji Men Ancient Town], also known as ‘Little Forbidden City‘. Next, visit [Kai Yuan Temple], one of the only four extant Kaiyuan temples in China, one of the big four temples of Chaozhou and the best preserved temple in China. Then, take ‘Rickshaw’ to sightseeing [Jia Di Street & Pang Fang Street]. Heading to Shantou by coach. Upon arrival, transfer to hotel for a good rest.


第四天 汕头~云顶 (三餐)  DAYS 04 CHAOZHOU~YUNDING (B/L/D)


In the morning, visit [Stone Fort], used to convey information within the soldiers. Next, free and easy at [Ren Min Square]; outing [Exhibition Hall]; stroll in [Waterfront Promenade]; visit [Lao Ma Temple] and sightseeing [Long Quan Yan Scenic Area]. After, take coach to [Yun Ding’s Hot Spring Resort]. Enjoy the hot spring. (**NOTE: Please bring  the own swimsuits.)

第五天 云顶~厦门(三餐)  DAYS 05 YUNDING~XIAMEN (B/L/D)


After breakfast, transfer back to Xiamen by coach. Upon arrival, sightseeing [Ji Mei Xue Cun]; visit [Silk Gallery]; take a walk in [Bai Lu Zhou Musical Park] and able to see [Bai Lu Nv Shen Statue]; fr钉ee and easy at [Municipal Square] and [Knife’s factory]. Enjoy [Min Nan] Show (own arrangement).


第六天 厦门 (三餐)  DAYS 06 XIAMEN (B/L/D)


In the morning, visit [South Putuo Temple]; coach tour in [Round Island Road];  able to see [Little Kinmen]; sightseeing [International Convention Center]; visit [Chinese Oversea Museum]; [Jewelry Gallery] and [Charcoal Gallery]. Later, visit [Wuyuanwan Bay Wetland Park] and [GuanYin Shan Bay Leisure Centre].


第七天 厦门~马来西亚 (早)  DAYS 07 XIAMEN~MALAYSIA (B)


After breakfast, transfer to airport for a pleasant flight back to Malaysia.


If choose to join no shopping tour,top up RM1000/pax. 可選擇參加無购物团,另补马币RM1000每人.

您买了便宜飞机票了吗?Have your flight reservation done?
头痛自己策划旅行??Feeling panic for planning?
美佳超值的地接配套为您省缺烦恼!!Mangga Super Value Ground Package can save you from trouble!
酒店,餐,导游,司机,行程全为您搞定!!Included Hotel,meals ,tour guide ,driver & entrance ticket!

温馨提醒购买的客人定机票之前请详细阅读条款,请致电美佳旅游 03-8942 2000 
Please read all the terms & conditions carefully before booking any air ticket. Please contact to Mangga Travel @ 03-8942 2000 

团费/T.F : RM 1199 / CWB : 1999
保证自费/C.T : X
小费/TIP : RM 260
出发日期/DAY : WED
VISA : RM 155
INS : RM 52

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