4 Days Macau + Zhongshan + Zhuhai 澳门+中山+珠海(往珠海) (Stay In Zhuhai) 4 To Go

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4 Days Macau + Zhongshan + Zhuhai 澳门+中山+珠海(往珠海) (Stay In Zhuhai) 4 To Go
4 Days Macau + Zhongshan + Zhuhai 澳门+中山+珠海(往珠海) (Stay In Zhuhai) 4 To Go
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第一天:马来西亚 / 澳门 / 珠海 DAYS 01: MALAYSIA / MACAU / ZHUHAI
Arrived at the Zhuhai - Gongbei Port, tour guide will greeting you with a signage.
Then, transfer to hotel for a good rest.
(接团时间 Pick up time : 08:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.)

第二天:珠海 (三餐) DAYS 02: ZHUHAI (B / L / D)
【情侣海滨路】 并观赏 【渔女雕像】 。接着,游览【石景山公园】(不含缆车)。之后,闲逛于【拱北地下广场】。
晚上可自费欣赏【圆明新园】 大型表演。送返酒店休息。
After breakfast, heading to Zhuhai, a romantic city in China. Upon arrival, take a walk in [Lover Road] also known as ‘‘Great Wall of Zhuhai’’
and sightseeing [Statue of Fisher Girl]. Later, sightseeing [Shi Jing Shan Park] (Exclude cable car). Then, free at leisure in [Gongbei
underground Square]. At night, could enjoy the largest cultural show [Yuan Ming Xin Yuan] (Own Expenses). Transfer back to hotel for a
good rest.

第三天:珠海 / 中山 / 珠海 (三餐) DAYS 03: ZHUHAI / ZHONGSHAN / ZHUHAI (B / L / D)
【白莲洞公园】 。该处山清水秀及环境清幽。晚上,欣赏大型歌舞秀【天幕剧场表演】。(注:如特殊原因不开,退款给客人。)
After breakfast, heading to Zhongshan. Upon arrival, visit [Zhongshan Former Residence], a residence of Dr. Sun Yat-sen who was a great
forerunner of the Chinese democratic revolution. Later, visit [Tea Garden]. Next destination is sightseeing [BaiLianDong Park] where a
place famous with the beautiful scenery. At night, enjoy the largest dance show [Tian Mu Theater Show]. (Note: If cannot present the show
due to special reason, refund to the customers.)

第四天:珠海 / 澳门 / 马来西亚 (早餐) DAYS 04: ZHUHAI / MACAU / MALAYSIA (B)
After breakfast, transfer to Zhuhai-Gongbei Port. Then, heading to Macau Airport by own arrangement.

指定项目 Compulsory Tour
圆明新园(大清王朝秀)+ 天幕剧场表演
Yuan Ming Xin Yuan (Dynasty Show) +Tian Mu Theater Show

风味餐:珠海/真功夫特色套餐 / 粤品轩风味
Cuisines: Zhuhai’s Real KungFu Packages / Yue Pin Xuan Cuisines
购物站:珠海百草堂 / 茶叶 / 丝绸
Shopping Stop: Zhuhai Bai Cao Tang / Tea / Silk
If choose to join no shopping tour,top up RM700/pax. 可選擇參加無购物团,另补马币RM700每人.
澳门延住一天:自由行【RM380 每房每晚】
Extension in Macau: Free & Easy【RM380 per room per night】
珠海延住一天:自由行【RM285 每房每晚】
Extension in Zhuhai: Free & Easy【RM285 per room per night】
**Tour extension inclusive of Accommodation

诚意推介 Recommendation:
马祖庙;渔人码头;威尼斯度假村;赌场娱乐城 (含午餐)
Macau Half Day City Tour (Join Group): St Paul’s Ruins; Lotus Square; Wang Hai Guan Yin;
Matsu Temple; Fisherman’s Wharf; Venetian Resort Hotel; Casino City (Include Lunch)

您买了便宜飞机票了吗?Have your flight reservation done?
头痛自己策划旅行??Feeling panic for planning?
美佳超值的地接配套为您省缺烦恼!!Mangga Super Value Ground Package can save you from trouble!
酒店,餐,导游,司机,行程全为您搞定!!Included Hotel,meals ,tour guide ,driver & entrance ticket!

温馨提醒购买的客人定机票之前请详细阅读条款,请致电美佳旅游 03-8942 2000 
Please read all the terms & conditions carefully before booking any air ticket. Please contact to Mangga Travel @ 03-8942 2000 

团费/T.F : RM 599
保证自费/C.T : X
小费/TIP : RM 230
VISA : RM 155
INS : RM 35

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